TotalSpaces2 status under OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

Hello TotalSpaces2 fans!

On first try, It’s totally broken, but please be patient, we’ll try to fix it asap.

I’ll share progress and interim releases in this thread.

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I have a pre-release working version under the first beta of El Capitan.

You can download it here:

Note that proper support for fullscreens with two apps on them does not exist yet - I would like to show both app icons in the grid in these cases.

Also I am not able to make Mission Control display the space names you assign in TotalSpaces2 for now.

Please let me know of any bugs you notice.


Works fairly well as far as I can tell. Animation to Overview Grid is pretty slow though compared to native animation to Control Center (but nothing particularly different compared to the performances on Yosemite). I assume El Capitan’s Control Center makes full use of Metal.

Seems to be working great for me! I’ll let you know if I catch anything wonky. Also, thanks for getting this out quickly - scrolling horizontally through all those spaces was getting exhausting… Long live the grid!

aaaaaaand beta 2 seems to have broken it again… bummer!

We’ll have a look, but this may be, as we feared, due to system integrity protection - for reference see

Ah crap, if that’s the case it really sucks, big time. :confused:

For what it’s worth, I have no idea how it works under the bonnet but HyperDock still seems to work just fine.

Yes, I think HyperDock can do everything it needs to in a user process, or with published APIs. Not the case for TotalSpaces2 alas.

We’ll post more info tomorrow or so, but in the mean time you can also look at this post regarding TotalFinder: TotalFinder status under OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) (Pretty much the same applies to TotalSpaces2)

Well, I toggled of System Integrity Protection, and now TotalSpaces seems to be working fine again on Beta 2!!! It really wasn’t much of a pain to do - honestly not much harder than enabling accessibility settings for an app. I think your customer base - or at least the majority of it - would happily go through that process to keep using your software. Productivity mods over Apple’s “integrity” any day!

Sadly it’s stopped working on 10.11 beta 2. It says “You need 1 desktop” and “You have 0 destops”. And now when I click Add Desktops, it says something about 16 desktop limit reached. But I don’t have any desktops at all. It deleted them after I updated to beta 2.

It will work in Beta 2 if you choose to turn System Integrity Protection off. We’ll write a blog post shortly with an update, but if you want to run TotalSpaces2 the only way is to reboot into recovery mode, turn this setting off (from the Utilities-> Security Configuration menu item), and the restart.

Obviously we will not ask our users to do this (it’s your own decision), but if you want to, TotalSpaces2 will continue to be supported. We’ll give more details in a blog post, I’ll post a note here when it’s published.

I just downloaded the latest beta from Apple Developer account (El Capitan 10.11 15A204h) and it looks like even with disabling the Security Configuration, Total Spaces doesn’t load.

I am using 15A204h and it’s loading satisfactorily. Are you attempting to run TotalSpaces2 v2.3.0?

If not, download from here…

Seems to be working fine on beta 3! (of course, with SIP/rootless off)

@jking: thanks, good to know. I’ll run a test once I get back to my desk in a couple of days.

bad news,Good work!

I love you,Stephen!

and any newer version?

report a bug: when use split view,then press ESC quit split view,the layout will be abnormal(totalspaces2 think there is
a fullscreen app)

Just installed it on Public Beta (with the supplemental update). Unchecked the System Integrity box, AND IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM! YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY!!!

Thank you Stephen and binaryage. TotalSpaces2 is my favorite app, and you folks are awesome.


@duoer1982 Thanks, I’ll look at that.