What do I need to do to get a License Key that actually "stays good"?

Every time I redo my Macbook Pro, I am treated like a “new user”!!!
On almost all other apps, when I save the username and license key, they “work” if I have to re-install. And if the app has been updated, it then updates.

But your app treats me like a red-headed stepchild each and every time I re-install. There’s no point in recording the username and license key - your systems do not recognize that!


The majority of Mac apps licenses are always ‘good’, in your words. the issue is you do not understand how licensing works for this particular app. your license is contained in a .plist file located on your ‘old’ Mac and was not properly transferred over. you can find it in ~/Library/Preferences/com.binaryage.totalfinder.plist on the old Mac (copy and replace to the new Mac /Users//Library/Preferences/. Most knowledgeable users would backup their old mac home folder just for the purpose of retaining licenses contained in preference files. otherwise keep the email that contained your license key archived. how triviial is it to find it, and re-enter? your home folder is your life - back it up, other than iCloud preferences (and maybe other docs), nothing remembers who you are on a new Mac unless you tell it (MAS apps).

While I appreciate you defending TotalSpaces, we’ve actually had several reports of licensing issues, especially on El Capitan: 1, 2

We’ve seen this issue before, but have been unable to find a solution as all testing has indicated that it’s a systemic issue (an issue in OS X itself). Sometimes re-installing the latest Combo Update can help, but in my experience, the only solution has been to re-install OS X!

There are thousands of working parts in OS X, and it only takes one partially broken part to produce odd behavior like being unable to register a license (which uses the cryptography built into OS X to verify the license). Have you noticed odd behavior in any other apps?

However, it’s possible that TotalSpaces2 is simply corrupt on your hard drive. Will you help me test this theory? Here are the steps:

  1. Open Terminal.app.
  2. Paste this command, on one line, and press enter:
    codesign -vvv /Applications/TotalSpaces2.app
  3. Paste this command, on one line, and press enter:
    spctl -a -t exec -vvvv /Applications/TotalSpaces2.app
  4. Let me know what it say

and i feel like a fool for not realizing which forum space I was in re: this post… TotalSpaces ≠ TotalFinder.