What to do without TotalSpaces?

How have the heavy users of TotalSpaces been getting along after moving to Apple’s M1 platform? I’m hoping to get an M1 mac soon but dread what will happen after losing access to TotalSpaces.

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There’s a good reply here about how to use yabai to get fast workspace switching with Spaces/Mission Control, at least. It doesn’t get you two dimensions, but it’s a start.

I hope there will be a M1 version of TotalSpaces. I yesterday right after the Apple Event ordered a new MacBook.

I was about to buy a maxed out mac mini today but alas… no mac mini. There are enough loyal TotalSpaces2 users that they would pay out the nose for an m1-compatible TotalSpaces3 :slight_smile:

I agree, I would support the development with up to 100 Euro, as I need this piece of software. I already support some software projects via Patreon or Github or via other plattforms. Some software is important for me and being a developer I know how much time it takes to write such a piece of software.

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I would also support development of M1 compatible TS. Can’t even imagine working without TS !!!

According to another thread, TS3 has been in beta for nearly a year. I think it’s nearly time to give up on this.

I have faith in @stephen!

What I’m surprised about is that Apple haven’t further developed Mission Control - now I’m forced to use it for the first time in anger (I’ve used TS from its start) it feels like a work in progress.

I’m reliant on BetterTouchTool and Moom to simulate things that I used to take for granted. If Apple provide some access to MC via shortcuts that might help…

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Something helpful I ran across - Unlock the Full Power of the macOS App Switcher - The Mac Security Blog

I’m specifically interested in anything that can get me my 2D 4-finger swiping between desktops back, my. productivity is about to plummet. The messaging about TS3 has been a bit unclear, is the plan for it to run on Intel Macs?

It’s April 2022 and I think it’s safe to remove the “nearly”. Another great idea that has fallen by the wayside. Nice while it lasted.

Just tried out TotalSpaces3 on Intel. Works but has one major drawback.

I have 3 physical monitors and use spaces for dedicated project work. When switching between spaces I need all 3 screens to switch! This is currently not possible as TotalSpaces3 only works when “displays have their separate spaces”.

I tried to work with the linear arrangement of Mission Control but I CANNOT - simply does not fit my style of working and the trained muscle memory. TotalSpaces is exactly what I need, the grid arrangement, the navigation with the arrow keys (left/right/UP/DOWN), and the combined switching on all 3 monitors. If you can make this happen again somehow I’ll be amongst the first to pay for a new version.

Keeping my fingers crossed