Will TotalFinder work on M1 Macs?

Couldn’t find this information anywhere else. Wondering if the dev is planning on (or able to) support M1 Macs.

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I was looking for the same info, just picked up a M1 MBA. Answer from devs in here: Future support of Apple Silicon Macs?

Hi, I’m the dev of TotalFinder. TotalSpaces2 uses a different mechanism to inject its code into the So the information in the linked thread is not necessarily relevant to TotalFinder.

TotalFinder uses “Scripting Additions” mechanism to inject its code into And it looks to me that this mechanism is broken under M1 macs running Big Sur. The code responsible for loading the code complains that the TotalFinder binary does not contain supported architecture. But according to my investigation the architecture is present in the binary. So the error message is wrong or the problem is elsewehere. I haven’t found a solution yet.