Apps calling finder window not totalfinder

Some apps call a finder window themselves. I have a number of these which generally do not display a TotalFinder visor.

Is there a fix for this?

Could you give me an example of such app? I would like to test it here on my macOS Sierra. Thanks.

Hi Darwin.

Yep. I use StatusDuck in preference to the dock. It has an option of howing the recycle bin. This option always opens a normal finder window at the top of the screen, whereas the visor is tied to the bottom left of the screen.

The main factor here is in the cosmetic and annoyance value, and knowing that it should not be thus - rather than a functional problem. Screenshot attached

Any progress with this?

Thanks for the ping. I didn’t get about to look at it. Have to try StatusDuck to see what is exactly going on there.

Stay tuned. I’m on it.

I have just tested it under Sierra. They use Accessibility APIs to automate Finder.

You can force TotalFinder to always open new tabs in Visor using TotalFinderAlwaysUseVisorForNewTabs tweak.

This workaround should make it work the way you want.

And are you going to tell me what the ‘TotalFinderAlwaysUseVisorForNewTabs tweak’ is? or will you force me to find it myself? Unacceptable customer care.

Ummm… did you click the link quoted in @darwin’s post? It takes you directly to the relevant discussion on this particular tweak.

Also, you stated in another very recent post that you no longer use TF. So why do you need the tweak?

You can’t claim that this is unacceptable customer care if you (1) can’t be bothered to click the link to see what’s behind it and (2) claim you weren’t given information that you don’t actually need, because you no longer use TF. I call shenanigans.