Loosing layout after restart (Yosemite)


I have a two-screen setup with a bunch of spaces on every one.
After restarting Yosemite there’s a new one (“Desktop x”) on my second, while all others (from both screens) are now on the primary screen.

Makes TotalSpaces practically unusable for me.

Anyone experiencing the same problem?

OSX is not recognising each monitor’s desktops correctly. I don’t know why it would do that, and it does it for some people and not others. It should migrate the desktops correctly to the monitors when they are plugged in, and migrate them to the single main screen when they aren’t.

I can’t reproduce this problem, but there are a few reports of it in other threads here.

Because of this I made a small utility that might help a little. It allows you to save a configuration, and tries to migrate the screens to the monitors they were on when you saved the configuration.

You can find it here: http://downloads.binaryage.com/DisplaySpacesManager-1.0.4.zip

You would need a licensed version of TotalSpaces2 to use it.

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I use to have this problem, but after upgrading to Yosemite and changing how my monitors are connected, it’s keeping my configuration.

One question, when I was having this problem, the computer would boot to my left-hand monitor, it would show the boot screen with the spinning wheel, now the progress bar. While in the display preferences under Arrangements the titlebar was on my right-hand monitor. Now it working and both the boot monitor and the titlebar monitor are the right hand monitor. So the question, is your boot monitor the same as your titlebar monitor?

Yes, I’m grasping at straws, but sometimes it works.

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@scottrickman No, you’re actually completely right!

I was just about to post this, when I saw your reply…

The tool @stephen provided was somewhat helpful (thanks btw). One problem of it was, that it always created an additional space on my secondary screen.

But as mentioned I could fix the problem by switching the display connectors. Now my boot and primary screen are the same and the problem is gone!

Oh wow, this is really great detective work. Thanks!

Armed with this info I’ll try to reproduce this, and investigate further.

Thanks for the DisplaySpacesManager, stephen. I’m afraid I’m going to have to use it 'cause my desktop configurations are getting reset from time to time. I create 9 spaces on each of two screens, name them, then associate photos with each despise on each display, and frequently I find that when I wake from sleep or disconnect the laptop from the other screen the primary desktops seem to be okay but the secondary screen’s names are reset to Desktop 10, Desktop 11, etc. and all my photos are lost. This is very frustrating. I’ve saved the configuration using your application. The next time I find myself in the same situation I’ll try to Restore using your utility.
hawra = Randy Hawkins

Is there a way to restore the display arrangements after it’s booted up? I don’t use Spaces because I have 4 monitors, but every time Yosemite reboots, the monitor arrangement is jumbled up. Since you were working right in this functional area I thought you might know. I dug up the “com.apple.display-whatever.plist”, but it’s not a text file.

Do you mean the monitors change position relative to one another in the arrangement in Display prefs?

If so, I’m sorry, I don’t know how that could be fixed. I guess the system must fail to recognise your monitors individually for some reason.

Yes, that’s what I mean.

Okay, thanks anyway. If I unplug one of the USB monitors and plug it back in, the arrangement is restored correctly. Maybe it’s because my SSD is booting so much faster, and the USB monitors can’t report their IDs in time. The SSD boots in 20 seconds, the spinner boots in 5 minutes.

thanks for the reply Stephen