TotalFinder Support In macOS 10.14 Mojave



In Security & Privacy/Privacy/Automation: Allow the apps below to automate other apps.
Total Finder
(x) Finder

Check to see if this is enabled. It’s enabled on my machine. See if that helps.


So I looked into S&P/Privacy/Automation and did not find the option mentioned. There is only TF uninstaller present. Suggestions?


Please try to remove it from Accessibility. And then kill via and then launch it again. macOS could ask again for automation permissions.


You beat me to it. Both my iMac (27" Late 2013) and Macbook Pro have Total Finder in Automation.


I can also see it under Automation and NOT under Accessibility. I wonder how @ans87ba installed the Mojave system. I can imagine a scenario when he upgraded the previous Sierra system in-place to Mojave without a clean install. This could bring over some accessibility flags set in the previous system and that in turn caused new Mojave “Privacy/Automation” subsystem to not be triggered (in theory).


The is exactly what I did; upgrade not clean install - first time ever I select not to b/c didn’t have updated backup. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling after your suggestion but no success.
is there a way to reset the accessibility parameters?


I was googling for some solution, but Mojave is so new that there are not many support articles on the web, I’m afraid. Please let us know if you figure out a way how to make it appear there under Privacy/Automation.


Here you go: This script should work with Mojave as well. Incidentally, I did an upgrade, not a clean install on both the desktop and laptop and TF is in the automation section.


Nice find!

I just looked inside the provided zip archive and extracted the applescript file to review it is not harmful. It looks good, it uses tccutil reset Accessibility terminal command, which might be extended under Mojave:

Will investigate it in a bit.


Ok, I did a bit of digging in Mojave and all permissions are located in ~/Library/Application Support/ which is a SQLite database. You can open it with some free tools like

From command-line in you can execute following commands:

sudo tccutil reset Accessibility


sudo tccutil reset AppleEvents

The first one will clear “Accessibility” permissions in Privacy/Accessibility of System Preferences. And the second one will clear the “Automation” permissions in Privacy/Automation.

Try to run both commands and then kill everything Finder/TotalFinder related and launch it again. This time it should ask you for permissions I believe.


attempted terminal commands and restarted twice - not successful :frowning:


Great news, it works now. Full OSX efficiency again.

  • Steinar




Just installed TotalFinder 1.11.1 and it’s working again in Mojave. Thanks !!:grinning:


Thank you very much… :grinning:
You, Sir, made my day!!!

Oh… almost forgot…
It works like a charm… :smiley:


Is there news about reenable SIP on Mojave?


I’m sorry. It is unlikely there will ever be another “reenable SIP” workaround like we discovered under Sierra and High Sierra. As I wrote above. Apple decided to completely disallow code injection into Finder if not signed by Apple.


wanted to ask if you found any solution to my current ‘Apple Events’ issue? Thanks


There is not much I can do if I cannot really reproduce your situation.

Could you please try to create a new “pristine” user account on your Mac. Then switch to it and try to launch there. This way we could at least tell if the issue is in your home folder (user settings) or not.


whooow, ok. So to be able to use Totalfinder in the near future I will need to give up on a system protection feature. Doesn’t sound too promising.