TotalSpaces2 status under OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)


i downloaded this update and am still getting the SIP notice


This version doesn’t change that - alas no version of TotalSpaces2 can run with SIP fully turned on - see here:


I just updated to El Capitan yesterday(10/17/2015).

I got TotalSpaces2 to work on my Mac Pro after disabling SIP for only TotalSpaces2 albeit it works somewhat differently than before. I have to use my mouse wheel click to get the spaces option to come up which are at the top of the screen now.

However, I have been unable to get TotalSpaces2 to work on my MacBook Pro at all!
I ran Terminal and entered the text code to no avail just as I did on my Mac Pro.

I read this has to be done now in Recovery Mode?
How do I initiate recovery mode?


Reboot while holding down CMD+R.


Hi, have read your instructions on how to get TotalSpaces2 running in El Cap and it worked fine -
but I am wondering what the terminal command would be to turn SIP back on if I wanted to do that in future.


Go back to terminal in Recovery and use “csrutil enable”, then reboot.


Stephen - given the high level of active development of TS2 right now (with all the OS X changes, etc), is there some easy way to be notified when a new build is ready for install? I’m on 2.3.8 now which seems to be the latest, but I’d like to stay current and am looking for some way to auto-check for new versions (no more than weekly is sufficient)


As long as you keep “Include pre-releases” ticked, that should do it, although sometimes I do release versions outside of that to address specific problems or to investigate issues due to questions in the forums.


Ok. I do have that ticked and for some reason, it did not pick up the update from 2.3.6 to 2.3.8. Not a big deal, but I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if it repeats.

Want to compliment you again Stephen - your support of this product is stellar - most definitely role-model caliber. On top of that, the product itself just keeps getting better and better. I just discovered the new capability that DisplaySpacesMgr has to copy the app assignments along with the desktops and I’m making heavy use of that - outstanding feature, perhaps one of my favorites. Love the delete button it DSM also.

Quick question: is there an easy way to have the window size and position recorded and restored with DisplaySpacesManager? The idea would be that not only does DSM know which desktops to put the apps on, but also remembers how those windows are arranged and sized and puts them to that arrangement as well.

Keep up the fantastic work Stephen!


Yes, the 2.3.8 was one of the releases I did just to fix a specific minor problem for a few people.

Thanks for your kind comments!

Window positioning - it’s something that could be attempted. The only issue is: Can we identify the windows correctly? I think the main thing we know is the title of the window, which in the case of safari or document based apps (or apps such as Terminal) will change depending on what document is open.

For many cases - e.g. Calendar, Slack, Console and so on there’s going to be no problem. It might be worth trying.


I just installed El Capitan. TS didn’t work at all on first boot. I used your guide to disable the debug for SIP, then installed 2.3.8. Now it runs, but shows nothing for layout and the swipe-between-desktops function doesn’t work.

That’s all I really use it for-- disabling animations like the user above. Do I have to disable all of SIP?

EDIT-- nevermind. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Works fine now. Thanks.


Hey! I was browsing the website yesterday and came across some information you guys published on how to disable SIP for just total spaces 2. I was going to purchase total spaces 2 today, but I can’t find those instructions anywhere anymore, have I gone insane or did you guys remove those instructions for particular reasons?


Here is how to do it:


Just wanted to check if TotalSpaces 2.3.6 works with OS X 10.11.2 before I update :wink:


Yes. Even better though, v2.3.9 has some minor fixes

See here for info:


Great! Thanks!


As noted by @Alexdi, running the first may resolve possible problems, as I had to learn it the hard way. I used the ‘copying scriptadditions to /System’ method.

@stephen: I could not find (or maybe I was not attentive enough) explicit instructions to use the uninstaller when upgrading. Maybe this might be a good idea to state somewhere that one might try this if problems occur.


I’ve done as advised - partially disabling SIP - and installed Total Spaces 2 under El Capitan OSX 10.11.3 but I can only swipe left or right not up or down. Worst of all I can’t access TS2 Preferences as the symbol doesn’t show in the task bar at the top of the screen.

I can access my 9 windows using a 3-finger swipe up but that’s all.

How do I get the symbol up so I can access TS2 preferences?


Actually it sounds like TotalSpaces2 might not be running at all - if you run TotalSpaces2 from your Applications folder what happens?


Double clicking on the app in the Applications folder doesn’t seem to do anything! Trash it and reinstall?