[Update Discussion] TotalFinder 1.15.1 for Apple Silicon and Intel — macOS 13, 12, 11, and 10.15

MacbookPro 6,2 - macOS Version 13.5 (Build 22G74)
OpenCoreLegacyPatcher 0.6.9

OCLP has officially released the public build with the ability to keep Library Validation and AMFI enabled. This is super cool because it allows more things to run without breaking or crashing the unsupported systems.

Between OCLP and a smooth upgrade to 13.5, TotalFinder has been running nothing but smooth. I have missed Dual Pane view for a long time. It appears all options I use and even some I just test seem to work flawlessly.

I get lag issues, but that’s my old hardware, external monitors etc etc. Nothing related to TF.

Thank You for all of your time, patience and effort on this project.

is TF 1.15.1 compatible with latest Mac OS 13.6 ? Thanks Joel


on Intel and silicon.
And as of yesterday on MacOS 14.0 ! :grinning:

Hi @akemin_dayo

With MacOS 14 and TF 1.15.1 I found some issues.

1.) When having a folder in the Dock and what to open it with right click “open xyz” it won’t work.
2.) With an open DMG file in one TAB and a folder as a second TAB & dragging the app from the DMG to the folder, crashes TF.

Thanks in advance


Just for info: When restarting TF and open a folder out of the dock it will work the first time for each folder. Then non of the folders will be opened by TF from the dock,…till next restart.

EDIT EDIT: Now the dualTab mode is running berserk. I can open two tabs even when not dual but two windows. Some glitches happen and the old original Finder tabs appear and more…

Hello! Is it knows bug, that colored labels at Sonoma are gray? And double totalfinder tab at finder settings?

Sometimes color labels does not work at all (not a gray, just transparent as untagged). As I saw at tags option, it may be a localization problem. A part of labels on my system at russian, another at english.

And sometimes item is still gray, but already untagged

TotalFinder will support macOS 14 Sonoma.

… However, it does not currently (※ as of 1.15.1) fully do so yet. A number of things are slightly broken if you try to use TotalFinder 1.15.1 with macOS 14 Sonoma.

Just wanted to make a quick post so that everyone knows that a macOS 14-compatible version of TotalFinder is in development.


I have a small issue as well… I can only open Totalfinder once after start/restart normally and than I always have to right click and select “new finder window” to reopen a new window. This on all my systems - independently if M2 MacBookPro or Intel-iMac on Sonoma 14.0. A complete uninstall and reinstalls doesn’t fix the issue…
Seems to be a “Sonoma” issue as well and it would be great to have a fix…
@akemin_dayo: Thank you for all your support!

I have the same Problem. How u fix it?

Updated to 14.1 running OCLP 1.2.0n

During my update, I had to finish it in safe mode (common bug it seems), but TF was the ONLY app that would work. It was super strange but actually helpful.

I don’t use the full set of features, but I do go through and check/uncheck stuff but I currently have no issues running it at this time :+1:

Hello! May be previously somebody wrote it, but I absolutely sure that colored labels are gray only in iCloud folders. Local files or in removable drives works with correct color label

Just courious how it’s going with TF?
It’s been a while since I could work with my again purchased TF 1.15.1 !

Thanks in advance for an update on that.

hope for a new release soon. :heart::heart::heart:
(if you used it for years, you can’t live whiteout it)


Hello is TF 1.15.1 fully compatible with Mac OS 13.6.1 ? Thanks

Happy New Year!

Just updated to Sonoma 14.3 and found that Total Finder 1.15.1 is running smooth as before. No noticeable changes on my end. However, I don’t use all of the features, so results may vary for other users.

MBP 6,2 | OCLP 1.4.0

Still broken on my end!
M2 MacStudio. macOS 14.3, TF 1.15.1

Hi everyone,

Been using TF for 11 years, and hopefully 11 more, but having to put off major macOS updates and disabling SIP is becoming more and more inconvenient — especially, on the Mac I use for work.

I really appreciate all the work that the devs have put into TF, and will continue to use TF on all of my Macs at home (and I would gladly pay the license fee again).

With that said, I was hoping to get some feedback on alternative ways of retaining some TF features without having to disable/reduce SIP.

I’ve looked at some of the stand-alone alternatives that support Sonoma (Commander One, Path Finder, Forklift, QSpace, etc.), but I really don’t need all the bells and whistles. The features that I really want to keep are:

Critical features
• Visor (that works globally, i.e., all desktops/windows)
• Dual Mode

Nice to have features
• Visor hot-key   (e.g., Ctrl + Ctrl)
• Cut / Paste      (i.e., Cmd+X / Cmd+V)
• Copy Path from Context Menus
• Auto adjust widths in Column View
• Narrow Chrome-style tabs

If anyone has any recommendations, workarounds, or suggestions on how to retain these features, without disabling SIP, it would be greatly appreciated.


About the Visor I have no idea, but other users use xtrafinder or pathfinder in the meantime (but those are bad replacements).
akemin_dayo keeps telling me it’s in the planning since Oct. 2023. I contacted Karen lately with the same outcome and then I contacted Antonin (TF daddy) as well. He wan’t to have a talk with Karen. He himself can’t support it anymore. So we have to wait when we get the update for Sonoma. As it looks, maybe a week before the macOS 15 release, if Karen is still busy till then, as Karen stated.
Plus I already paid the second time to support Karen in January 2023 for the Sonoma update!

I’d agree with Nurb_2Kea: I’ve gone through most (if not all) alternatives only to find that TF is clearly more user-friendly and feature-rich for my liking. Pity it’s been officially abandoned, grateful to akemin_dayo for keeping it alive in her own spare time.

I believe there is some subset of features that could be implemented without needing to disable SIP. The only two that matter to me are colored labels and auto column widths.

If it’s possible to make a version of TF that has only features that don’t require SIP disable, I’d be very interested in purchasing such a version. It could be called TotalFinder Lite: TotalFinder Lite?

I’d be also very interested in purchasing such a version that mentioned @Ricko