Feature Request: Alfred.app workflow for TotalSpaces

Well, that’s not really a “feature” request, but I’ll post it there anyway.

I really like TotalSpaces, and I’m trying to use it to split all the tasks and projects I work on to different spaces. Right now I have twelve of them, and I need to use the overview grid to go to the space I need. But that’s far from ideal.

I also use Alfred.app (with Powerpack), and I think that it could be perfect combo: TotalSpaces + Alfred.app.

The simplest workflow for Alfred could show the list of all spaces with the ability to enter their names in order to jump to them. With Alfred’s fuzzy search it would be really nice to use!

As there is no yet AppleScript API, and I’m not that good at Ruby, it would be awesome if someone who uses Alfred would go and create a basic workflow for it. I then could join and contribute to it, but I’m not sure I could handle the basic setup.

But when there would be a basic workable workflow, I could then go and try to update it with things like this one :slight_smile:

I do see the value in having an applescript api for this purpose. For simple things like providing a list of spaces and changing to a particular space it may not be too hard, I will certainly consider it.

I have started working on Alfred’s workflow, right now there are only basics and not everything works perfect, but I hope to finish the core things soon. When it would be done I’ll update this issue with a link and all the stuff :slight_smile:


Ok, the basic stuff is ready: https://github.com/kizu/TotalSpaces.alfredworkflow, there is a listing of all the spaces you have, ability to reduce the list using fuzzy search, switch to the selected space or move the current window to the given space.

I have some more plans, and I would refactor things a bit, but it is already usable, and I’ve started to use this workflow instead of the overview grid :smile:

If someone would have requests, they can leave them there or post at project’s issues at GitHub.