Total Spaces 3 on MacOS 13 Ventura

Before I upgraded wanted to see if folks had tried and found it works.

Running 0.9.125 on a MBP and Studio.

I have seen no changes from Monterey going to Ventura. Running on either OS is not quite as good as the old days, but it’s still very usable so far.

Where are you guys getting TS3? I found some outdated vers on the forum.

TS3 on 12.6 intel was working well with a few tiny bugs, but then the application stopped launching. Very strange. I keep restarting and it still is happening.

If BinaryAge needs some helping hands to get a stable vers, I’m sure they can find and hire someone on UpWork to help. Meanwhile, the entire community suffers.

This download still seems to work. (This is running on apple silicon)

I could cry and kiss you right now. For some reason yours is totally working for me!!!

I am using an intel Macbook Pro, i9.

OH MY GOSH. Amazing. THANK YOU for sharing your link!!! I don’t know why it’s launching right now when it wasn’t before, but it is. Ventura, the space manager thing is AMAZING. Combining this with TotalSpaces3 is Heaven.

Edit: I spoke too soon. Damn.

I pressed the shortcut to get the overview explosion diagram, of all the spaces in the grid, and it froze. I restarted, same thing: Now it won’t open the app anymore again. Ugh, too many Ventura bugs.

Where is BinaryAge? At least do the right thing and pass the source code on to some Devs who will actually continue and update this great work. Or make it open source or something with a copyleft license, like FireFox. My mac experience is basically ruined, and completely in their hands. :pensive:

TS2 obviously doesn’t work on Ventura either right?

They don’t appear to be maintaining the software anymore. @stephen said that he might be interested in passing the code onto the community but I haven’t seen any updates on this.

I’m using TotalSpaces v3-0.9.125 with Ventura on a Mac Studio with two screens. It works as well as it did on Monterey, but the combination of TS3 and Stage Manager is really great. For folks who thought Ventura would make TS3 obsolete, it is just the opposite. A good 10 min. video is The Comprehensive Guide To Mac Stage Manager - YouTube by MacMost that explains using Stage Manager. Recommend putting the Stage Manager icon in the menu bar so it can be quickly turned off and on. If you have two apps side by side on one screen SM will minimize one of them by default and that means if you want/need to look at both at the same time SM has to be turned off during that time. Elsewhere in the blog people have offered to put in dollars to get TS3 to prime time. I would be interested to help, but it looks as if there needs to be someone who would take the responsibility to do this. Because TS3 works so well with Ventura, this is a good time to take the opportunity.

Can anyone confirm they are using this on Ventura with Apple Silicon and it’s working well? I think mac studio is a silicon machine but want to confirm before I take the plunge on my 16" M1 MBP.

The problem is some of us need more than 16 desktops. Please bring back more desktops!

I downloaded TS-3 on my M1 Ventura computer but am not sure how to activate it. I read somewhere that you do not need to turn off SIP, so I have not down that. Could you help?

You’re stuck on Big Sur with an Intel machine then.

Not working well for me on Ventura. No windows visible in the Overview Grid, and apps assigned to spaces changes randomly.

Fixed. Needed to allow Screen Recording in Privacy & Security.

Another big fan trying to make TS3 great again.

Issues with an Macbook Pro 16 M1 Max running Ventura and TS 0.9.125:

  1. In a 3x3 desktop setup as long as you move horizontally it works (slower than TS2 of course) but when you move to another row (let’s say from desktop 3 to 6 typing the down arrow) desktops get scrambled and repositioned in pretty much every further movement. Cannot see a pattern on how the scrambling works so far. (FOUND A SOLUTION)
  2. Cannot move the current window to another desktop
  3. Connecting it to an external display the app needs to be restarted to function again

Not sure if anyone with a similar setup made it work and have some tip I might be missing.
For now I tried to uninstall (but probably not entirely as I do not know where the app files might be stored apart from the main app), set all privacy permissions required and I didn’t disable the SIP.

How to fix update:

  1. In order to avoid the scrambling you need to disable System Preferences > Desktop & Dock > Mission Control > Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use

I was able to get to 30 (5 rows, 6 columns) by connecting to an external monitor and creating more desktops there. I can’t exactly recall the steps but somehow after disconnecting they all ended up on the laptop. I was quite happy with 8x8 and would like to see that again (then’s it’s more of a map of a world).

Has anyone made the upgrade from Monterey to Ventura? Any issues or steps you took to make sure TS3 was back to working normally (for this alpha anyway)?

I have Ventura and TS3 on my intel macbook, aside from slooooooooooow transitions it works ok.

Just go give anyone an update:

Macbook Pro M1 16" Monterey to Ventura without any issues on latest TS3. Will report if any issues arise.

Just as an aside: Has anyone figured out how to integrate Stage Manager into TS in a useful way?

I haven’t found any useful integration between Stage Manager and TotalSpaces. IMO, TotalSpaces provides the far superior window and desktop management functionality.

It’s a real shame this hasn’t been updated. As far as I know, this is still the latest intel version: . If anyone has a newer Intel version that works on Monterey or Ventura, please share! While the one I linked has the Overview Grid, it’s missing Instant Expose and Single Desktop Expose. Right now you can’t see any open windows on all spaces, and it’s far less helpful to just be able to see all desktops without seeing which windows are where.